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Publications Parenting Your ADHD Child  -  Best Strategies  -  Now in eBook form on Amazon     Unless you know what you’re dealing with, chances for success are slim.  73 pages - all you need to     know - having the “right” mind-set, identifying symptoms, how you could become part-of-the-problem,     telling good from not-so treatments, dealing with schools, getting accommodations, co-occurring     disorders (seldom identified), medication effectiveness & low-cost medication.  Your ADHD Child  -  Best Behavior Management   -  Now in eBook form on Amazon     Proven strategies:  by research, clinical experience and parent experience from the most reliable sources.     Why use strategies promoted by just one or two sources?  Why spend hours with books & web sites.     Information on teens and sleep problems, too.   33 pages.  Best Behavior Management Strategies for the Bipolar Child   -     Only the best, proven strategies.  Information on early identification (a key factor in later life success),     school strategies, mood charting, sleep issues, and light therapy.  39 pages.       ADHD Adults  -  Live Better !   -  Now in eBook form on Amazon     Some take a lifetime to figure out BETTER ways to cope.  It took me 45 years!  Why go through that?     69 pages; 61+ issue-specific solutions.  Getting the “right” help, finding solutions that “fit” you, meds.     Monitoring, getting low-cost meds. & coping with your “Inner Child”.  Proven answers quickly!  ADHD Couples Guide   -     ADD/ADHD displays itself in specific ways in close relationships.  If you don’t know what to look for,     you’ll never see it!  Divorce rates for ADD’ers are 2-3 times higher!  42 pages tell you how to spot it, what     to do to change both inside and out, coping for non-ADD partners, & how to manage medications well.  ADHD College Student Guide  -     All the tools you’ll need to succeed  – getting evaluated (if you haven’t yet), identifying undiagnosed     learning problems, getting accommodations, dealing with instructors and good meds. management.     25 pages.  Best Teaching Strategies and Resources  -     Parents want teachers who know ADHD/Bipolar, teachers skilled and at-ease with these students, &     up-to-date on “evidence –based" help.  “What are you going to do for my child?”  They want results.      Anything less will mean poor relationships with the parents and student.  Pressure on "test scores” means     these students fall more behind.  More effective IEP's and 504 Plans that get real results.  70 pages.  Medication  -  The Truth !  -      Myths & information gaps still abound!  These myths and gaps lead to being on the wrong medication/      dose.  Here's the "truth" and the details no one else talks about.  Kids & adults.  42 pages. 
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